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Coin+RS Interface (COM-Port)

Coin+RS es una tarjeta interfaz de la compañía D.M. (Kent) Electronics. Esta tarjeta conecta al interfaz RS232 del equipo. La tarjeta incluye conectores para una variedad de selectores de moneda y lectores de billetes distintos. 

Puede encontrar más información y precios de este producto en http://www.dmkent.co.uk.
A continuación se muestra la información técnica del fabricante (en inglés).
1. Device Support

Generally any coin and bill readers which support the Coin + RS interface should work. Please test your device before deciding to purchase with the free evaluation version of SiteKiosk.

2. System Requirements
2.1 Hardware Installation
  1. Coin+RS Interface (supports chipsets: Standard RS2KNSTD, Advanced RS2KNSIO, RS2KKYBR or A23_023J) includes required cables (i.e. serial cable)
  2. Coin or bill accpetor that supports Coin+RS
  3. Up-to-date computer with an open COM-Port
2.2 Software
  1. Windows 7, 8, 10
  2. Internet Explorer 10, 11
  3. SiteKiosk con licencia para funciones de pago

3. Hardware
The installation of the hardware depends on the interface you are using. For more information, contact the manufacturer D.M. (Kent) Electronics.

4. Configuration of Coin+RS
4.1 General
After installing SiteKiosk and connecting the hardware to your computer, you can create a configuration file with the SiteKiosk configuration tool. In the SiteKiosk configuration tool go to the "Payment Devices" page, select Coin+RS Credit Board from the list of available devices then click the Customize button to configure and activate your device.

The icon next to the device will turn from red to green after the device has been activated.

4.2 Chipset and COM-Port
Select the appropriate COM port and chipset from the respective drop-down boxes and then click the Detect button. If it is properly connected, it should then be found.
4.3 Configuring Support for Bills and Coins 
The XML file "Coin_RS.xml" (in the folder .. \ SiteKiosk\SiteCash) contains some pre-configured values of coin currencies. You can now select the appropriate configuration from the Filter drop down box or manually enter the required currency configuration in the xml file.

Activate the checkbox for the channel relative to the amounts you want to allow in SiteKiosk.
(the function to Allow/Deny is not fully implemented, any supported values will be accepted​​).

Select the type and value for that channel in the Description column,  i.e. 1 Dollar. This value appears after the user dialog, if no corresponding image file is specified for the unit of money.

In the Value field you can specify the amount that should credited to the customer.  This is especially important if you want to accept multiple currencies since only one major currency can be displayed. For example, the main currency is Swiss Francs, but Euro coins will also be accepted, the value will then be converted accordingly.

The unit is now ready for use.

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